Groping prevention advice from a train attendant: “sweatpants.” How about jail time instead, buddy?

This happened to me 4 years ago when I was in college. My school’s campus is right next to a train stop. I was on my way to a meeting at another university and was dressed in dress slacks and blouse. As I was going up the escalator I felt something going in between my legs. I turned around and realized there was a man feeling me up. I asked him what the fuck was he doing. His reply, “Bitch you know you like it” and he ran down the escalator. I was in total shock, there was a train on the platform but I went into autopilot mode I went back down stairs and told the attendant where I went into hysterics, after calling the police he decided to give me a “hint”: I should wear sweatpants when I take the train and bring a change of clothes with me because I have such a shapely body that sometimes men can’t resist and I should hide my body to make it less likely something like that’ll happen.

I felt so victimized that day, not once but twice…. I still see that attendant every once in a while and I relive the memory every time I see him.

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6 responses to “Groping prevention advice from a train attendant: “sweatpants.” How about jail time instead, buddy?

  1. This perv’s “advice” is fucked up. I’ve been harassed while covered from neck to toe in baggy jeans and a puffy coat. These guys aren’t attracted by women’s clothing. They pick on women because they are WOMEN. It’s a power trip. So don’t blame yourself if this happens to you–blame HIM. HE DID IT. HE is the pervert. Not you.

  2. I see how women are going through this stuff in the subway, I am NOT one of those creeps that does that nonsense. I stay to MYSELF and advise women NOT to ask men for directions or anything for that matter. I have had women, complete strangers come up to me and ask for directions or something clearly I don’t want to be bothered as I generally don’t trust ANYONE. Just look at what happened to the young men that went to a party at LIU and they were set up by a girl that willing had sex with some of the guys. This was all over the news a few years ago and if it weren’t for the detectives seeing through her LIE those young fellas would have been in prison TODAY!
    I don’t blame the men for not stepping in, who knows even the guys that tried to help you would get blamed for being “too helpful” and brushing up against you while trying to stop the offender from getting away.
    No, you ladies have your rights and are equal to men, yet you still want the protected status that women have had before the feminist movement.

    Welcome to the party ladies 🙂

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever been more disgusted by a comment in my life. We do not want “protected status” we want to be able to walk in public without men trying to touch us or use us to boost their ego. Women are not out to set men up. You say you are not one of those creep but the fact that you do nothing to help women in those situation MAKES you as bad as those creeps. We’re not asking you to punch the guy out or get yourself between us just to say something. The reason guys can get away with degrading women in public is because of people like you that “keep to themselves”

    2. Fuck you mate. How about just the right to feel safe walking around in public? Or is that a privilege we don’t deserve?

  3. I have never gotten mad at a man who stood up for me when some creep tried to molest me in public. What does make me mad is when people who are supposed to respect, love, and care about me (i.e. my friends) do nothing, and even take sides against me, by saying I am ridiculous for not wanting to be groped, verbally abused, or raped.

    “That’s the way the world is now”? Not within the reach of my arm. And if you would get over your bitter ex-knight-in-shining-armor mentality and actually do helpful things for the women in your life, maybe you wouldn’t have to listen to their heartache.

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