The N- word, the F- word, and the C- word.

I was walking my lovely German Shepherd Obama with a friend of mine who is from Mexico.  We were walking along the street where I live when a man started yelling at me through the window of the house we were passing. At first his words were too muffled for me to hear, but with incredible shock I made out the n-word as well as the f-word (the homosexual one) and the c-word.  Then he began berated my friend using many racist words which I am not willing to repeat to anyone.  This man looked completely crazy and with unkempt hair and stubble.  I am not sure what to do now as I was terrified by the encounter and have not been walking my dog since then.

Submitted by S.D.

One response to “The N- word, the F- word, and the C- word.

  1. Competely disgusting things to say. Not that it helps much, but it sounds as if you were right, the guy sounds completely crazy. It’s possible he yells at a lot of people this way, but this is totally unacceptable. If this happens again, I would contact law enforcement. If he is mentally unstable, maybe he can get the help he needs. If not, then he is a disgusting creep who needs to be dealt with.

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