“I see his penis out!”

This was sent to us by one of our readers, and is an incredible story of one woman who holla’ed back on her subway ride.  Watch it, and bask in the glory of her HOLLAheroism.

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  1. That is awesome! I wish there were more people like you willing to stand up for their rights. Glad to also see people around you not try to ignore what was going on.

  2. This girl is bold and brave! Awesome. I hope to hear a follow-up on this, i.e., something about this moron getting arrested. I am tired of these jerks pulling their d**ks out and masturbating on public transportation!

  3. And I love that EVERYONE ELSE is video-ing the dude too, instead of just looking at the woman like she’s insane. WHY CAN’T THAT HAPPEN ALL THE TIME.

  4. Good for you for calling that man out! Please give an update on how/if there was some form of justice served. Was he arrested?

  5. You go girl! That guy is a LOOOOSERRRRR- how sad the dumb f*ck has go go around like that because he can’t handle a REAL woman! LOSER!!!! Hey, dude – because you’re such a LOSER, I know you can’t help but look at yourself online — so guess what?

    YOU’RE A F*CKING LOSER!!!!! And always will be, and probably always were as a dopey kid! This chick is my new hero. We all need to stand up to these idiots who are part of the problem, and not part of the solution.

  6. If he wanted to get touched he should’ve gone to the airport.

    Go girl – cameras and video are the weapon against perverts.

  7. This crap happens ALL OF THE TIME! One of my most memorable moments of having a perv accost me on the Chicago El was feeling a hand go up my skirt! I love this woman! I want to hear the follow up!

  8. This is awesome – I really want to know what happened next! Plaster the face of every sick, pathetic slimeball like this guy all over the Internet and I bet a whole bunch of men with “impulse control issues” (also known as “I got away with it before, so why stop now?”) will be miraculously cured of their behavior.

  9. I want to hear how this ended too! Did he get arrested? Did others help her to that end? Did he get aggressive? Did he get away?

    I have had this happen to me countless times in DC, so I’m elated by this video, and also very glad that enough people were with her on the subway to prevent any violent backlash from her response, something I’m always fearful of in DC.

    Well done!!

  10. Great example of standing up to The Pervert.

    The woman is assertively angry/annoyed and is controlling the situation. The Pervert has been shamed and ridiculed by the Bystanders.

    The woman has done a great job of:

    1. Standing up for herself.
    2. Punishing the harasser.
    3. Providing a positive example for other women.
    4. Providing a warning to other potential harassers.

    Great to see.

  11. Sooo glad this woman stood up for herself, and women in general. It must have been such an unnerving situation and even more embarrassing because so many people were around. I wonder if anyone else helped her out and made sure the man didn’t flee a the station. Good for her!!!

  12. Good for you, hon!
    Call this dbag on his actions and make him squirm. If you have seen this vid on you tube there are some sorry ass guys out there calling our heroine every thing in the book. I am so sick of the lowest common denominator of man setting the standard for what’s acceptable. You go, redheaded avenger! We are following your lead!

  13. You go girl! I LOVE the way she said “I know what I saw.” AWESOME. And I also liked that the entire train rallyied around her. Great example of what to do if you are harassed.

  14. There is some really disheartening, anti-feminist bullshit commentary on the youtube video page 🙁

    Particularly from this guy “westmeat” whose youtube page features videos of men beating up women and who runs something called a “Manhood Academy.” Sigh.


  15. I just saw ion local NYC tv stations, WCBS and WABC. WEBS reported the pervert was arrested at Columbus Circle and charged with 3 counts. All because of this lady and supporting bystanders.

  16. I was born and raised in Manhattan. While I commend you people for exposing the perverts and putting them on YouTube for all the world to see, I would also like you to stand up to all kinds of harassment, not just sexual harassment and some harassment victims are male. I know, I was one. In the early 90s, I was harassed and bullied by a male passenger because I didn’t say “hi” to him, even though I didn’t know him. He went into a long, loud and verbal tirade against me in front of the other subway passengers bringing me unwanted attention. He also made it racial playing the race card. Nobody stood up for me or helped me. Back then there were no such thing as camera phones and YouTube or the Internet for that matter.

  17. AWESOME! Thank you for calling him out on his actions and making sure everyone around you knew about it too. You are one courageous rock star!!

  18. It was just announced on the radio that this guy was arrested, some 51 year old from Queens, thank God! Too many perves on the NYC subway. Nice work to the woman who stood up for herself and the person who posted!

    1. Nov 23, 2010 … NYC subway flasher. This woman decided not stand for a man allegedly … Police were able to quickly arrest 51-year-old Mario Valdivia of Queens. He’s been charged with forcible touching, public lewdness and sex abuse. …


  19. She had a victory even if the cops and courts failed to follow up. She shined a light, the light of vision, right then and there, and spoke about it. On video. Maybe if the video could have shown more of the perp it would have been better.

  20. Like Honestly that’s one of the many reasons we need Cops inside the trains! Patroling to handle people like that & give them a piece of the law. We females should have that same courage to speak up. Great Act of no fear!

  21. “Red-haired Avenger!” I love it. It takes courage to do what she did. I hope so many women (and men) see this and take her lead. So often, people do the “deer in the headlights,” out of shock, when things like this happen. I’m going to practice my response for next time in front of the mirror tonight with Red-haired Avenger as my inspiration. 🙂

  22. What a wonderful woman. I’m going to try so hard to be like her next time some creep gropes me or flashes me, instead of freezing in terror the way I usually do.

  23. The Red Headed Avenger is my personal hero! She employed a tactic that I have used successfully for ages… the “I’m Crazier Than You” routine. A lot of predators (of any kind) are far too interested in self preservation to mess with a crazy woman. It sounds ridiculous, but it could get you out of a bad situation.

  24. I just don’t understand why in the world a man would ever do this to a woman these days when real sex is so available to any man with half a personality. I’ll bet if that idiot would’ve taken a normal approach with that woman, he could’ve ended up being her ‘good friend’ within a date or two, instead he pulls it out a few days early and gets arrested. Good for her, he should’ve been a gentleman and dated her in the socially acceptable way. I don’t live in a big city but am really wondering, does this type of harassment happen a lot? All girls should do what she did or kick him straight in the nuts and raise the attention of every one around like she did because most men are not like that and would help a woman control that crappy situation.

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