This isn’t supposed to happen here.

This guy must think he is real hot shit with his dick up and out on a twice-an-hour bus in an industrial Halifax suburb (read: not hot shit). Once some men moved to the back of the bus and sat near him he hid it away so fast … please. But as much as I tried not rise to his challenge by reacting, I was really bothered by it. This doesn’t happen here! I guess maybe it does … How do women deal with this on a regular basis?

Submitted by Christina

3 responses to “This isn’t supposed to happen here.

  1. Hi Christina,
    That’s a horrible story, but you are very brave to share.
    Which bus were you on?
    If you would like to share any more details about your story, please write back. I am a journalist doing a story about sexual harassment in Halifax. You could remain anonymous, of course, if you like.
    Please consider it.
    In solidarity,

    1. Sorry, I only came back to read this again just now. If you’re still working on that story I am always willing to be a part of it.

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