This city I call home

I’m a native New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn. I have been harassed throughout my life during train traveling and walking. I have had beer spat on me, due to my ignoring guys saying things from a car to me, while I was at a phone booth. A guy screamed on the train loudly “nice tits”. I even got propositioned on the L train for a threesome. I told the guy I wasn’t interested.

But recollecting, this has to top the list of all time. I was in my 20’s walking in NYC, some guy was walking next to me and tells me “he’d love for me to sit on his face”. I was so terrified. I just kept walking. What kind of human being would tell anyone that?

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  1. That is awful. I often wonder what kind of men do any sort of street harassing. Like who calls a stranger “gorgeous” on the street? WHO does that? No one that we should be afraid of offending when we tell them off. But it also discourages me because I think, if someone says “sit on my face”, thats not someone thats interested in learning any type of ‘life lessons’.

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