Note to humans: dirty animals at Nostrand and Putnam

Perhaps the talented ladies at “Tell ‘Em Why You Mad’ just coined a new term for scumbags everywhere. Let’s raise some awareness about this global pandemic: CORNER BOYS.

“Hey! I want to suck your…”


Enjoy the video.

Tell ‘Em Why You Mad Ep 004 Harassment from Tell Em Why You Mad on Vimeo.

One response to “Note to humans: dirty animals at Nostrand and Putnam

  1. This video was hilarious, yet at the same time a reminder of what we women go through constantly from these halfwits.

    They had a good point at the end—stop making excuses for these bums, don’t encourage their behavior (if they say something ignorant don’t smile or laugh at it), and for women to have respect for themselves, because we all know these men sure as hell don’t have a lick of respect for themselves.

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