I expect better. No wait. I demand it, turd.

I was in Paris on a school trip, and was riding the metro back to my hotel. It was super congested, and I was pressed up against one of the poles. Soon, I felt a hand on my butt. I thought at first that it was an accident, a brush, but no, he kept on groping my ass. I tried to move away from him, but I couldn’t really move. After he got off I told my friends who were with me. They responded with things along the lines of, “What could you expect with an ass like that?”

It was awful.

Submitted by Erin

2 responses to “I expect better. No wait. I demand it, turd.

  1. Response Suggestion:

    The Touchy Feeler is taking advantage of concealment and the fact that his targets are mostly likely not going to respond.

    Therefore, a direct confrontation followed a strong statement such as “Get your hand off me!” can be effective in this type situation.

    At the very least, you will empower other women and warn other harassers with your assertive example.

  2. It happened to a French friend of my mum’s. She grabbed the wrist of the guy pulled it in the air and said out loud: a qui appartient la main du pervers? To whom those this pervert’s hand belong to?
    Charlie, a French guy

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