Nothing says birthday like some ignorant queer bashing

Last night my partner and I went out to dinner in Fort Greene to celebrate her birthday. We were walking home holding hands. A man in his late thirties-early forties started screaming at us about how disgusting we were, how we must have been abused by priests to resort to being with women, how we were going to end up in hell, and how we were an abomination. It continued for at least a minute as he stood on the corner screaming and we continued walking down the street. It was about 8:30 pm and no one did or said a thing as the man screamed profanity at us.

Submitted by Rebecca

Street harassment and other forms of discrimination and abuse go hand in hand. We sure could use your help at ending these offenses. Help us today with $5.

One response to “Nothing says birthday like some ignorant queer bashing

  1. Religion is patriarchical bullshit, and is responsible for millennia of anti-sex obsession and the repression of women and sexual minorities. Until religion is relegated to the Bronze Age where it belongs, the uneducated will continue to believe it and will be a threat.

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