Can’t touch this.

It has happened to me twice in the same Times Square subway station, once about 4 years ago and then another time 1 year later.

I was touched by two different people in two separate occasions …

In the 1st occasion I was able to turn around and kick the guy in the ass… but on the 2nd occasion I pushed the guy real hard, he turned around and put his face really close to mine laughing… he looked like a criminal and had a horrible scar in his head…very creepy.

On both cases I made the report with the police… but it was useless… all they asked me was to identify among hundreds of pictures they had of previous sex offenders… all I have to say is that they all looked the same to me… so I couldn’t really identify them… I was so angry and felt so helpless.

I just urge everyone to report this type of behavior not only to police but a more effective method might be the phone (is kind of hard because you are so nervous and in shock at the moment… that you don’t know how to react).

Submitted by Sandra

Your harassers may be long gone by now, but you can ensure that catching these predators is an easier process for the next woman who experiences the shame and horror of being touched and fondled on a crowded train against her will. Give $5 today if you’ve felt relief from any of Hollaback’s past and current efforts. There are many.

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