Hollaback on MSNBC!

“Stop looking at my moms!” There are 1001 creative ways to say NO to street harassment. Come up with your own, and then say it with $5.

4 responses to “Hollaback on MSNBC!

  1. I see this as a massive assault on free speech. “What do you do in the dark alleys?” I’d really like to think people have the sense not to enter those.

    You have free speech, that allows you to yell “@#%& you creep!” loud enough to embarrass the offender, or anything more clever and subtle. Limiting this to catcalls and barring cases of actual physical contact/ obstruction, etc, why is it the state’s responsibility to protect you from the pitfalls of public interaction. What protections are there against hearsay in a case like this?

  2. Street harassment is easier to deal with; it’s quick, with no social stigma. Whereas office harassment is chronic and likely to result in retaliation that affects wages and career.

    Thanks for the work you’re doing toward this effort. I’d like for people to comment about sexual harassment or discrimination that’s happened in their office & how it’s affected morale at http://www.facebook.com/pages/What-Really-goes-on-in-the-US-government-offices-True-Story/115286961860088

    1. Street harassment is easier to deal with; it’s quick, with no social stigma.

      I disagree. One incident may be “quick,” but the constant onslaught of street harassment from one man after another after another after another can take its toll on a woman. As for “no social stigma,” well, when trying to talk to my family and friends about it, many don’t understand where I’m coming from, tell me I exaggerate and take it too seriously, and tell me I’m “fixated” on street harassment. Or my male friends who think these raggedy men on the street saying garbage to me is a “compliment.” Some friends don’t talk to me much anymore. Though the harassment’s decreased greatly (due to colder weather and a short haircut), it still happens enough to upset me. Street harassment takes a lot stronger toll on people than you think.

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