Does this look like a locker room to you?

I was leaving the subway station, and getting onto the escalator and i hear people shouting thigs at me like heyy mami, hey sexy, and I turn around and see about 10 guys. Annoyed, I start walking up the escalator, only to hear cheering. I turned around and see one of the guys directly behind me. I gave him a dirty look and kept walking. All of a sudden i feel a hang slap my ass. I turned around and yell in the guys face, “are you kidding me?,” and kept walking, trying to get away from them. The guys kept cheering and cat calling all the way to the street exit, at witch point they followed me out, saying, “ohh were going the same way.” I began to get nervous and called my boyfriend who was a few blocks away. As the phone was ringing, i feel another hand hitting me on the ass. I wheeled around and the guys all said heyy heyyy heyy and kept saying things to me, cat calling. I quickened my pace but a few of them followed me around the corner, and kept asking me where i was going and what my name was, as i yelled at them that i don’t speak english, at which point i thankfully saw my boyfriend who had run outside, and the guys immediately crossed the street and kept walking.

Submitted by J

There’s sometimes an unclear line between free speech and verbal harassment that makes many women hesitant to take action against their harassers. There’s no fine line between free speech and slapping a stranger on the ass, though. That’s illegal and we’re sick of it. Help us tell the city we won’t tolerate it. You can, with $5.

3 responses to “Does this look like a locker room to you?

  1. Thanks for this story. I’d love to open up a forum on the “hey mami” comment. I hate it. (I even hate when women call me “mami.”) It’s sometimes followed by something more severe as in your case and sometimes it’s just that one catcall. I never tolerated catcalls in other cities I’ve lived in and this feels no less disrespectful; the term that pretty much sums it up that I’ve learned from Hollaback is “gateway crime,” like it could lead to something worse but you just don’t know. Anyone else feel this way about getting catcalled “aye/hey mami?”

  2. Wow J I’m sorry to hear that there were 10 guys calling out to you. Not only is that extremely disrespectful. I am shocked that they actually went as far as to slap you in the behind, that is sexual harassment, I would’ve stopped and went into a nearby store to call the cops and report them. Sorry you went through that I would have been terrified if 10 guys were following me.

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