I was sitting on the train one day and had my ipod on blast not paying attention to anything, mind you that day I decided to wear a skirt, a guy walks in wearing a yankees hat very low to hide his face i found this very strange, he sat across from me and was looking at me for a period of time . I noticed his arms were low and i looked at his hands , there I saw a camera phone, i had just been up skirted. I was I shocked I did not know what to do .

Submitted by Michelle

One response to “Upskirted

  1. I think my wife and I saw the same guy today riding the 7 train. Was he dark skin,over six feet tall and about 240 pounds? He was also wearing a yankees hat tilted all the way to the front of his face,really stange. We reported it to the police but i dont think anything was done to arrest this guy.

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