Stop Looking at My Mom

This is simply amazing.  This kid “Astro” must be 8? 10? and is rapping about men who stare and harass his mom on the street.  My favorite line, “she’s an independent lady let her stay like that. Stay fly work hard it’s OK like that.”  It’s super-fun and catchy, but it also makes me think about how street harassment negatively impacts kids too.  Like this kid, I was also the child of a single mom, and we went everywhere together.  I saw what she saw.  And when what you see is a world where the most amazing lady you’ve ever met is publicly degraded on a regular basis, it starts to shape the way that you look at the world and the people in it.

Probably the most obvious effect is that it makes street harassment normal. We tend to think of things that are normal as permanent, immutable.  But not so long ago, having separate water fountains for “coloured folks” was normal.  Giving only white dudes the right to vote was normal.  A world without handicap parking spaces was normal, too.  But some bold people saw “normal” was also short-sighted, and their “abnormal” visions have made the world better for all of us.  So screw normal. Let’s bring on the street harassment revolution.  Astro’s already written the anthem.

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