Scary, scary 2 train turd

I was sitting on the 2 train at approximately 8:45 pm tonight. This man very purposefully stood above me, though it wasn’t a crowded train at all. He had his hand in his pocket, and was clearly touching himself while staring at me. He was holding honda 3-d glasses. I don’t know why. I took this picture of his face and said “excuse me pervert” and got up and off the train. I am still nearly hyperventilating. Please post this. I don’t want anyone else to feel this way.

Submitted by Annie

One response to “Scary, scary 2 train turd

  1. shocking. It is one thing to read a story but to see that photo. That man staring back at me frightens me. And I think I can see from the angle you shot it at that he was much bigger than you. I don’t know how you stayed calm enough to take a photo. Well done.

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