4 days and $3500 between us and a world without street harassment

We have come so far. Now, we have to raise the rest in the next four days, or we lose the money that has already been donated. If you haven’t donated yet, do it now.

In the past month, we’ve had 228 people donate to this campaign. That’s 228 people who believe that a world without street harassment is possible; 228 people who are willing to help create that future, one hollaback at a time. You Hollabackers are trailblazers, and the world is watching you do it. In the past few weeks the Hollaback movement has been profiled by Jezebel, CNET, Feministing, The Examiner, BUST, About.com, Huh Magazine, and Planet Green, to name only a few.

The next four days will be critical to our success. If we can raise $3500, we can change the world. How can you help?

1. Donate

2. Email all your friends. Tell them what Hollaback is about. Tell them that you donated, and they should too.

3. Update your facebook status and tweet: 4 days and $3500 between us and a world without street harassment, please RT and donate today: http://bit.ly/bfyZCC

We can do this. Four days to go.

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