Groping: Reported to LAPD

NOTE: Our readers often ask us about reporting harassment and assault to the police. Although we’ve heard some horror stories, it’s almost important to realize that if we don’t report it these creeps will never stop. Here is a story of a brave woman who reported it.

If it wasn’t for your blog, I wouldn’t of had the courage to contact the LAPD regarding that attack along with a groping situation that happened back in Nov. by someone who I thought was going to be a prospective client. I have always been adamantly disdainful of sexual harassment and your blog shows what I have been saying all along: It is NOT about compliments, it is about the power guys get off of demeaning women. Since we gained power in the workplace, etc, they feel that there is a need on their part to show us “who is boss” and put us in our places for daring to have freedom and no longer be their property. Just like rape is used as a weapon, so is sexual harassment.

Submitted by Raven

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