NYC Govt. wants you to HOLLABACK!

It looks like the city has taken a page from HollabackNYC and created HollabackNYPD! Here’s how to submit your photos:

The City accepts photos and videos along with 911 reports and most 311 Service Requests.

To include a photo or video from a cell phone or computer with a 911 report, tell the 911 operator that you have photos or videos related to your emergency. The 911 operator will enter a special code in the New York Police Department (NYPD) internal communications system. The photo or video will be sent to the NYPD Real Time Crime Center. Depending on the case, the images may be shared widely with the public, police officers on patrol, individual detectives, or other law enforcement agencies. The images may also been used to identify and locate suspects as quickly as possible, or they may be used to help with responding to emergencies.

When you submit an eligible Service Request through 311 and provide a valid email address, 311 will send you an email with a link that allows you to upload photos or video to include with your Service Request.

This service is available for most but not all 311 Service Requests. 311 does not currently accept photos or video for Service Requests taken by Agency Specialists or Literature Service Requests.

All 911 reports and 311 Service Requests are forwarded to the appropriate Agency and actioned regardless of whether you include photos or video.

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