(Bisexual) Men get Harassed, too.

I am a Bisexual Asian male who has experienced extreme harassment. My neighbor, the elderly man next door– Slandered, harassed and sexually harassed me for 2 years since I moved here from California. At first, when I got here, I was really thin and looked like a girl to most people. He told me he wanted to give me a sex change operation and rape me. For the next several months he slandered me, spread rumors I was a rapist, sex offender, child molester and people called me that in the neighborhood and on the train a few times. He was angry that I was a guy and not a girl and that I was making him gay. When I joined meetup.com and come home late at night, he would wait in front of my house every night ‘til I stop going. I saw him half naked filming me twice from his 3rd floor window a few months ago when I opened my blinds in the morning and I dare not to open my blinds in the morning anymore. People gossiped about seeing videos of me naked or me sleeping, etc in my bedroom on some pervert website. I overheard people talking in Chinatown and on the set of Fordham University during my filming of the “adjustment bureau” a Matt Damon movie where I worked as an extra.

Recently, He and his friends were yelling they want to castrate me, rape me. They called me a queer, fag and chink 2 weeks ago outside my house, heckling me.

I am a victim of racism and sexual harassment. I filed a harassment report by calling 911 on December 10, 2009 Thursday around 9:45PM when 2 female police officers drove to my house and alerted me to come outside to talk to them. The two female police officers is a female Black woman and a Spanish woman. I was told to call 718-627-6611 for Precinct 61 for the status of my complaint. I called again on December 15, 2009 and the officer who answered the phone said the complaint is closed and is on record and no arrests was made because my neighbor harassed me but didn’t assault me. I wrote to NBC news but to no avail. I don’t know who to turn to for help. I am a victim of sexual harassment and video voyeurism and slander and I think he is trying to get me killed because I look feminine and because of my sexual orientation. If this happened to a woman he work be arrested by now, but I am a guy, a bisexual guy and no one cares. I want the harassment to stop.

Submitted by Michael

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  1. Michael, I hope you are still safe after all this time, it’s truly reprehensible what that man is putting you through. Filming you without your consent? You can take him to court and sue him, then buy his house and kick him onto the street when he loses his job for being a pervert. I wish you lived around here m8, we’d look after you.

  2. I am a bi man and very tall big and muscular. I told a roomate that I was bisexual before he moved in he was straight from the marines and said he had no problem. He rented only studio space. When I had a girlfriend he had no problem. When I had a boyfriend he had a big problem and the ongoing harassment resulted in him punching me and vandalizing my apartment. The police arrested him but when I tried to pursue it as a hate crime they told me “your straight” I said “no I am bisexual” they said, “well he could have thought you were straight.” which he did not as it didn’t stop him from saying a long string of homophobic slurs before punching me. When it went to court it was the same deal the public defender strongly suggested that I drop the hate crime charges and pursue aggravated assualt. I did. Years later I met his girlfriend who told me he was sentenced for ten years in prison for a similar assault.

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