Poolside Pigs

Yesterday my friends and I went to a community pool. For a while, everything was fine, we were all just swimming and having fun. There happened to be a window where you could see people working out in the gym. So when three men came up to the window, we didn’t really think much of it. That’s when they began to blatantly STARE, even POINT, at us. They obviously knew we were aware of them, they didn’t care. One of those sick perverts made an inappropriate hand gesture to my friend, almost like he was feeling someone up or something. We complained to someone who worked there, and they asked the men to leave. They did so, but not without making a threatening gesture toward my friend’s boyfriend. When the staff asked if there was a problem, they said no, but obviously there was since they left shortly after.

It’s really sickening that this happened – I’ve never experienced this sort of thing firsthand. Not only do these men make themselves look bad, it makes the pool look bad as well.

Submitted by Anonymous.

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