Nudy Snoozy

Once again, harassment through pornography on public transport (UK). I had the pleasure of sitting opposite this weirdo on the 17.45 from Manchester Piccadilly all the way to London Euston.

When he first got out his ‘men’s magazine’, the train was packed, but despite this he started ‘reading’ it completely shamelessly. Luckily I didn’t see much of what he was doing because I was coming back from a busy day of meetings and was working on my laptop, so the screen was covering my view of his magazine. I felt insulted and violated though that somehow it’s accepted for men to view ‘soft’ pornography in public, and I didn’t feel comfortable to say anything. So I got out my phone and took some pictures. It proved a bit tricky because unless he was staring at me (yes, he did that too) or drinking, he had his head buried in the magazine, but I still got a few good snaps. I didn’t try to hide the fact that I was taking pictures (holding the phone up, moving my laptop screen out of the way), so maybe I made him feel a little uncomfortable too! Towards the end of the journey (after 1 1/2 hours, having studied every single page) he had finished with the magazine and fell asleep… and started snoring! I couldn’t help thinking: What a great lover this guy must be!!

Submitted by Tanja

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