Month: August 2007

and we never saw them again…

So I visit a girlfriend at her new job as an in-home nanny. We spend time together daily, at the gym, running errands, or just hanging out, before the kids get home from school. The house she’s living in with this family is in a new residential area with houses still being built. One day … Continued


I was on my way home on a very crowded #4 train. As the train pulls into the 86th train station, the man behind me creepily inches his way over to me. Seconds later I feel something hard nudging me. I quickly whip around as the train doors open and see him dashing out of … Continued

Get your own boobs

This guy was sitting next to me on the train and couldnt stop staring at my chest. I took the picture when he was sleeping. Submitted by cell phone.