Month: June 2007

M is for … Masturbation?

I got on the 8:20 Manhattan-bound M train Monday morning at the 4th Ave., 9th Street stop and was sitting down, reading the paper like I normally do. A few stops later, a man came on the train, and stood to the left of me next to the doors. I didn’t pay close attention until … Continued

Pretty Pussy? You’ve got to be kidding me, man.

Harassment starts at home, it seems. I left my apartment early this afternoon, and walked only a few steps before a large man with a cell and a cigar started leering. He gave me the elevator eyes and said, “Niiiiiiiice legs. Why don’t you walk that pretty pussy over here?” I walked on, but he … Continued

Wish I Could Go Back

When I was sixteen, I was extremely shy and definitely not nearly as loud as I should’ve been when needed be. After a day of Chinatowning, my friend Vanessa and I were heading home on the subway. She walked ahead of me further down the stairs and I took my sweet time. I remember because … Continued

War Zone

HollaBackNYC screened “War Zone” a while back with Lantern Books. Missed it? Here’s a five minute clip.