Month: April 2007

Iain and Dylan Save the Day from Cockweasels!

I was walking through town to get the bus, wearing dungarees, a Sonic the Hedgehog t-shirt and a pair of manky Converse, and some baldy 23-year-old dick went “Excuse me.” I was deep in thoughts of Iain Banks and Dylan Moran: (Iain)   (Dylan)  (at one and the same time! This is quite absorbing, and … Continued

Serious Question

As I was walking to school the other day, I had a little adventure… A man accosted me on the street and started a conversation, which went like this: Man: in his best sultry bedroom voice, “serious question.” Me: “what?” Man: “has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?” Me: “serious question.” Man: “what?” … Continued

Lexington Avenue LOSER!

Lexington Avenue near 86th Street, 7:45 p.m., Thursday night. Walking towards the subway I see two guys eyeing me, but try to ignore them. Then I hear one of them say, “Hey baby, how you doin’? How you feelin’? COME SEE DADDY!” (impossible to put into words how creepy and disgusting that last part is.) … Continued

The Price of Ignoring;bp=t A woman was walking down the street, and chose to ignore the catcalls some asshole was yelling at her as he drove past. Apparently he thought he was so entitled to her attention that he turned the truck around and ran her over. In other words, “that’s what you get for ignoring me, bitch.” … Continued