Even in Winter Clothes!!!

i am a photographer in nyc.
i was shooting at a studio by chelsea pier today when my client said they wanted some outside shots. the model, myself, and the art director walked no more than 50 ft from the building when the whistles and bullshit started up from a nearby construction site. the poor girl was wearing winter clothing in 100 degree weather and now she’s got to put up with these clowns.
so i say something like “i don’t bother you at your work, why do you have to make my job hard?” with that a few of the guys came closer asking me why i was getting nasty with them, they actually had the nerve to be pissed at me. my client grabbed me by the arm and told me to keep shooting. we finished up quickly and as we were leaving a van pulled up at a light with another asshole talking bout a great ass or some shit like that, so i spun and snapped his pic.
where the fuck do these guys get off doing this shit, don’t they have daughters, mothers, sisters, or wives?

great site and i hope to see it blow up even though every single story makes me see fucking red.

keep snapping safely ladies, these are not men, they are pigs, show the world who they are.

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