Month: July 2006

Fed Up!

unfortunately, i don’t have any photos to accompany this rant, but i hope that others are as pist off as i am. it just occured to me this morning, on my way to work, that it’s really just men and not women who LURK outside.. they’re everywhere.. and they’re always just standing in doorways.. leaning … Continued

Creep’s Reward

Working as a waitress, I put up with all sorts of crap from sleazebag men. Here is a prime example – luckily I had my camera/phone handy. I could hear these two saying vulgar things and laughing as soon as they sat down. Me: “What can I get you?” Creep in the green hat: “How … Continued

Subway Flasher

He was on the D train July 7th. Got off on 9th Avenue in Brooklyn, be careful girls. He tried to get my attention by asking me for the time. I left to the other side of car. Submitted by Jeanette.

Indianapolis Idiots

Two of my friends and I were coming home from a night of bowling. My friend was driving, her cousin was in the front seat, and I was in back. We pulled up to a red light, laughing about something, and I casually glanced at the car next to us for a split second, where … Continued

Tell ’em, Sister!

I was walking down Nassau St. when an approaching man stops in his tracks and looks me up and down lasciviously. “How are you doing? Hot enough for you?” I stop, turn around to him and say “Don’t mess with me today.” “I’m not messing with you.” I respond, “A lot of women don’t like … Continued