Month: July 2006

HollaBack goes to the Dirty South

En route to sunny North Carolina, we stop at an Eckard’s for some oh-so-neccessary Diet Coke and Junior Mints. As I walk out, a hoard of riff-raff rolls by on skateboards. One particularly squirmy one said, “Hey baby, what’s your name.” I heard them yell as the rolled out of sight, “Yo, that chick has … Continued

No Vacation from Harassment

I recently returned from a trip to Turkey, where the people were, most of the time, charming and pleasant. Except for one, however. I was at a mosque in Istanbul with my parents, and we were walking around the grounds. The mosque is on a hill, and I was standing on a ledge to get … Continued

Rehoboth Beach Jerk

This jerk accosted me in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a Holla Back, Delaware. (Yet.) I was out at a *very* crowded concert with a bunch of friends when this guy not only grabbed my ass, but actually did some kind of a slimy under-reach. It was awful. I knocked … Continued

Two Tales from Land of the Asshole

One: My boyfriend and I were walking to his house after babysitting 6 little children that night. The parents got home around 12 and we ended up playing video games until 3 am. Leavin their house and making our way across town to my boyfriends, a black small-thing of a truck pulled up beside us, … Continued

Berkeley Harassment Take Two!

This happened to me in Berkeley… there are a lot of cat calls here. My neighbor said, “Well, that’s what Berkeley is like.” I say it’s inappropriate no matter what city it is and Berkeley deserves a better reputation than that. First off this guy was persistent. He was hanging out in front of my … Continued

Spunk? Who Uses That Word Anyway?

On my way home from work, I jumped on the L train and took a seat next to a man trying to hog the space next to him by sitting with his legs spread. I don’t go for that kind of crap, especially during rush hour. He made room for me, but he kept looking … Continued


I’m going to guess this guy wasn’t from Berkeley. I was waiting to cross the street as this truck waited to turn, and the guy in the passenger seat started making crude comments to me and my female friend. “Sit on my lap and ride!” I took out my phone and got this shot. He … Continued

I Like My Ass Too, But…

Walking up Madison Ave at 32nd Street, dude start walking right behind me and my friend. “Nice, nice.” My friend and I ignore him. “Niiice.” I turn around. “What did you say?” “I said I like your ass.” “Don’t say stuff like that. I don’t like it.” I take out my camera, he keeps grinning … Continued

Another Subway Creep

This “nice catch” found me at 42nd Street – Times Square. He followed me around the station from one platform to another. Then he got on the N with me and stayed on until I got off in Brooklyn. He then got off. I got on the R, and he didn’t. I snapped his photo … Continued