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On 8 June 2006 at about 19.15 I got on a tube (subway) from Wimbledon to Earl’s Court. I went to sit by the connecting door in the carriage, as they have open windows and it was a very hot evening. In London we don’t have air-conditioning on our subway system.

The only such seat was next to a pimply, sweaty lard-arse fatso of about 20, wearing too tight shorts, a stained vest and a baseball cap (yes the perps are always “attractive”, aren’t they….), who was sitting next to the connecting door. He had put his rucksack on the adjoining seat – I realise now to block the rest of the carriage’s view of his intended activities.

He grudgingly moved the bag and I sat down. After several minutes lost in reading a book, I became aware of some movement next to me. The dirty little pig was masturbating through his shorts. Having initially given him the benefit of the doubt (scratching? Too ignorant to know better?) , realised that yes indeed, there was no mistaking what he was doing, and my increasingly outraged stares were not discouraging him. Obviously I looked too respectable to kick up a fuss. His mistake.

So I said loudly: “Could you stop doing that please?” indicating his hand stroking his penis through the crotch material of his shorts. He said “Uh?” so I said even more loudly “Could you please stop playing with yourself”. I wish I’d been able to take his photo, the sad little pervert.

Can you believe that on our local website ( we have even had a police report of a youth openly masturbating at a local bus stop, in the middle of the afternoon! What is wrong with these people? Are they mentally ill?

Submitted by Jan.

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