Another Marriage Proposal with No Ring

This dude’s a professsional menu distribution associate for the reputable Carribean Flavors Restaurant. His office is near the Bryant Park Subway entrance. I passed him this morning, hands full of heavy luggage. Refusing the handout, and motioning to my unfree hands I simply state,”No Thank You.” He irritatingly continues to try to poke menus into my forearm. Then he pursued me down a few steps of the subway entrance getting really close to my face and leaning in,”Marry me!” I put down my bag and grabbed my cell phone, he protests, “No. Why are you taking my picture? Oh oh, I see you want my picture so that you can go home and wack off to it.” Which is exactly what I am doing right now with my free hand (notice I am not on the subway, but in the privacy of my home enjoying my right to safely self pleasure) I want to thank Caribbean Flavors for serving up spicy delicious food and also my new favorite wack off material.


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