Month: March 2006

Hawaii: The Sweet Ride Boys

From Waikiki: Two boys comment on my sweet ride (Toyota ’85 corroded red pick up). I rev the engine and race past them. At the light they catch up and ask, hey, what’s under your hood baby. I shoot and floor it. Submitted by Kristen

Whole Foods Grossness

A gross man and a great grocery store do not mix. “Mmm, girl can I get some of that ass” Not the nastiest, but made me feel gross…until I took his picture! -amy

Snake in the Grass

i am visiting new orleans and was taking my dog for a walk, when i hear, “hey baby, wanna make love??!!”. when i turned i thought i was going to throw up. i was actually motionless for several seconds, then i said “i’m in love and must take a picture.” and then this weirdo said … Continued

The Pimp of the Sea

Okey so i was at a ferry with me and one of my girlfriends, then this guy (what a loser) came up to me and sat down right next to me. im like, “excuse me?!” He said, “hey wats up sexy ladies where you guys going to?” i said, “somewhere away from you.” He said, … Continued

Hawaii: At Least the Palm Trees don’t Harass

In waikiki: Pointing to my midriff section, the guy on the left tells the two other boys to look: he says “I like whats going on down there” I pulled out my cam and asked these fine gentlemen if I could snap a pic. Obviously not very photogenic, they cant refuse. A third one comes … Continued

"Hey Ladies, Can we Come?"

East Village, Midnight “Ladies, Can We Come?” All three of us kept walking, just ignoring their pleas. “Why can’t we come…Ladies?” “Come on take us?” I turned around and said,”You can’t come because we don’t know you.” “Well get to know me.” “I just want to let you know that when strange guys talk to … Continued