Month: February 2006

Talking Trash

three of us, 1am, walking down w. 44th street: him: “Hey Sexy Mamas….I wanna do….Come on Baby…” me: CAN I TAKE YOUR PHOTO? God it just keeps getting easier-He really was talking trash! -Lauren

Lend an Ear

I am commuting home late at night from a long shift at the restaurant. I am behind another tired woman who looks as though she has just come off of work too. This dude keeps trying to get her attention and trying to talk to her. Even as we pass him and go into the … Continued

Wal-Mart: Always Low Prices, American Made Harassment

The one thing I find extremely difficult and unfair is the helplessness felt by women who work in the customer service industry. There are rules and regulations dealing with sexual harassment from fellow coworkers. But when the harassment comes from a customer that we’re supposed to be nice to, what can we do? I used … Continued

Tales of a Female Gas Jockey 3

I had one guy insist that I was legal age (which I was not at the time, and didn’t remotely appear to be…I get carded for everything) and then invite me to his house.