Month: January 2006


I’m from Bangalore,India.This is what happened to me a week ago‚Ķ I got onto the bus and found myself an empty seat. I sat by the window and put my bag next to me. I was in a good mood and sleepy. The BMTC buses have ladies seats in front of the bus(about 4 rows) … Continued

Welcome to Paris

During a weekend visit to Paris (my first), my friends and I patronized the depicted establishment called the Frog and Princess in St Germain des Pres. It was all fun and fine, we were dancing, drinking, and having a good time until I needed to go to the bathroom. Upon my return, I had to … Continued

The Universal Language

This Dude encountered me on the Subway last night. He was wolf whistling and grunting and gesturing. When I realized that he wasn’t having a seizure and was trying to get my attention, I asked him if I could take his photo. He replied that he, “no speak english.” I guess sexual harassment is the … Continued

Classy Georgia

This goes back a while (when cell phones were still the size of a cinderblock so a camera phone was out of the question) but is still fresh in my memory because it was so … uh, special. My best friend Betty and I were stopped at an intersection in Asheville, NC waiting for a … Continued

Easily Distracted

I live on a major street in Oakland, and for whatever reason I can’t leave my front door on foot without getting harassed at least once on my way to Point B. I love this city, so it really bums me out that this is the case. The most frightening was when I walked under … Continued

Tequila Worms

Austin, TX: Pounding margaritas at around noon on this outdoor restaurant patio, these three larval harassers struggled to assert their “masculinity” in bragging to each other about their fake IDs. Degenerating into piglike grunting while straining their scrawnyass necks to leer at a woman jogging by, they proceeded to loudly appraise the breast and ass … Continued