Month: December 2005

Insensitive Creeps

Yesterday, I left work early because my dad called to tell me he just found out he had cancer, and potentially only months to live. I cried the whole way to my best friend’s apartment–about an hour subway ride. I managed to pull myself together as I got off the train, so I was no … Continued

Pretty in Pink

I live in the crazy college town of Madison, WI. In preparation for Halloween, I took the bus to the mall and got some costume elements. I got off the bus on State Street, only to hear a male voice, “Hey, pink-hair girl!” (My hair is not, in fact, pink, it’s bright red.) But I … Continued

Let Me Count the Reasons

You’d thinking riding a bike around a small, mostly farming community in Ohio(county population sits around 53,000) that a gal would be fairly safe. I followed all the biking rules, including the lesser known one meant for women, the one about not wearing a head set so you can hear the ensuing attacker hiding in … Continued

From the Rooftops…

“Hey, darlin’.” Not your darlin’, creep! (Bad picture, but I wanted to be outta there fast.) – Anonymous

They Can’t Stop Stair-ing!

I spent my college years in Boston and had an apartment in Kenmore Square. I was coming home from my summer job as a hostess and began to wearily climb the steep steps from the T station up to the street. After the third or fourth step I heard the familiar sound of a polaroid … Continued

Crotchedy Old Man

One day, a year or so ago, I was walking along 11th or 12th street, right off Broadway with Suzanne. We were happily chatting away after having done some shopping, or some activity of that ilk. Then, a crazy old hobo man passes by, and as he does, grabs my crotch and says, “Fucking cunt!” … Continued

Mr. Gray Teeth

In the summer of 1996 I was 20 years old and living in the northern end of Prague. I was young and living it up, working in bars, spending them on beer. Around the corner from my workplace — which closed at 3 a.m. — was this cheesy, crowded bar called Le Chapeau Rouge where … Continued

HollaFAQ! Brand Spankin New!

Team HollaBack gets an awful lot of questions via email and on other blogs. In response we’ve developed the: HollaFAQ A permanent link is in the sidebar, but please take some time now to review our responses to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Chauvinism, what chauvinism

Uncomprehensible muttering. “Hey, I’m not a chauvinist! I hate chauvinism! I just like women who do what they’re told!” Obnoxious laughter. I thought about yelling something back or cussing him out, but I didn’t want the loser to gloat over having gotten a rise out of someone. Then I remembered the website, and snapped a … Continued

Chocolate Chip Cookies

The other day I had a need to bake some cookies. Without a decent cookie sheet, I took the necessary trip to the store–mere steps from my house. Whilst passing the local Chinese place, some guy whistled that classic whistle. You know, the one that goes “wheeeet wheeeew!” I turned around, saw the dude looking … Continued