Even If They Are Ugly

Two weeks ago Girlfriend and I are walking back from a night at a lesbian club when we get slammed twice.

Incident one: We’re walking arm in arm, about to cross 45th st, when a young man bounces over to us. He says to me, “You look nice.” Then he looks at Girlfriend and says, “Don’t she look nice?” We’re just looking at him. He then reaches out his hand and strokes my shoulder. I say “Don’t
touch me.” And he walks on.

He was a young guy – probably a teenager – and I’m not sure he knew that what he was doing was inappropriate. He looked like he thought I’d be pleased, or respond well, and was surprised when I didn’t. Had I been less tipsy, I might have tried to have a little conversation with him, school him a little on how touching a strange woman in a place like Times Square
might lead to said woman and her girlfriend feeling less than safe.

We proceed to the corner of 47th and 7th, where I hail a cab and Incident Two ensues…

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Two gentlemen in front of me try to take the cab that I’ve hailed, Mr. Touchy’s inappropriate behavior has set me off and I’m having none of it. I say, “Excuse me, that’s my cab.” Drunk, incoherent stares.

“Excuse me, I hailed that cab.”

One of them finally comes to and replies.

“It’s alright,” he says, “let them have the cab.”

The other stares aggressively at me, but decides to let it pass, while his friend opens the cab door for us (totally unsolicited and unnecessarily). Girlfriend and I step in, I go to close the door, and he closes it for me, saying, “Even if they are ugly.”

By this point I’ve had enough, and I scream, “Fuck off!” in the cab with the windows down. There’s no point in making the cab driver deaf, so I roll down the window and scream “Fuck off!” at the men walking away. One of them grabs his ass and rubs in my direction.

Some men take advantage of how unsafe some women feel, and some men just don’t get it.

Written by Johanna

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