Month: December 2005

And You Thought Carnies Were Scary…

First, I’m SO glad to see a site like this! I hate being harassed, by men and women both. It’s degrading and insulting, and for me started when I was eight. But this one is about my first truly awful experience. The reason I’m writing is because of something that happened a few month before … Continued

Time for Therapy

The Hollaback NYC blog reminded me of a scary thing that happened to me when I used to work for an inventory service. I sometimes had to work stores in downtown Denver and we wouldn’t get out till after dark. One night as I was leaving, this really freaky dude was standing there on the … Continued

3 Days of Harassment

The past three days have been clouded with sexual harassment and I feel like I failed to fight back until today. For some reason men have been making unwarranted passes at me and saying unnecessary comments to me and I just freeze. But today I didn’t want to take it anymore. I’ve been repeatedly called … Continued

The Old Man Said…

The old man at the coupon counter yelled, “Hey there, Red!” to me, as I walked through the store at which I work, winking suggestively to top it off. (My hair is dyed bright red.) I might have let it go, but something about the fact that I was clearly at work (considering that I … Continued

Different Kind of Pancake Dinner

I was walking to the corner to get eggs and milk for a pancake dinner and some guy says “Hey, Slut” right to me. Without even thinking, I just yelled back “What the fuck is wrong with you?” Actually yelled. Then I was a little scared thinking he might come after me, but he just … Continued

Unsexy At Any Speed

Episode 1: This morning I was walking to the donut shop for my daily Boston Cream and kick-off coffee of the day, dressed quite alluringly in several layers of winter garb and thinking about criminal procedure, when I heard beeping and a man’s voice. “Hey, hey,” yelled a guy who was sitting in the passenger … Continued

Friends Don’t Let Friends Harrass Women

i’m an american who recently moved to tallinn, estonia. i was surprised to find that it’s rare for men to harass women on the street here. apparently, this does not apply in bars. my friend and i were at the counter ordering our drinks when a man seated at a nearby table reached out and … Continued

The Infamous Compound Holla

I was living in Astoria, and I use the word ‘living’ — Hold the phone. You won’t believe this. As I was writing this Hollaback, a guy came into my office and sexually harrassed me. He asked me if I like to be flogged, and since it was hot in the office I should get … Continued

Nobody Wants to be a Subway Model

So, Toronto is the setting of this disturbing story. I am sitting on the subway with a friend, minding my own business and nobody else’s. This guy on one of those motor wheelchairs comes on the train and stops right in the middle of the aisle in front of the doorway, facing me, and me … Continued

Even If They Are Ugly

Two weeks ago Girlfriend and I are walking back from a night at a lesbian club when we get slammed twice. Incident one: We’re walking arm in arm, about to cross 45th st, when a young man bounces over to us. He says to me, “You look nice.” Then he looks at Girlfriend and says, … Continued