Month: November 2005


“Girl I can Smell You.” posted by Tiffany

hide and assault

Walking with cute boy down street in broad daylight. Worker from construction inside a store yells, “Damn!” at me. I go to take his photo and ask him what he said, and he said, “Nothing.” Cute boy says he has never experienced someone harassing a girl he is walking with.


He said, “Hey Princess,” to me, I reached for my camera and he had allready said, “Hey Princess” to another girl, I followed him and this is a picture of his third encounter with royalty in a .5 block radius.

Museum of Modern Stalk

yesterday i left for the MoMA in the early afternoon, excited to finally be spending a lazy saturday wandering about looking at art all alone. [weird shred of foresight: as i walked from the subway stop to the museum, i thought, “hmm, just in case anything holla back worthy happens, i have my camera with … Continued

Boy, You’re Pretty

Sitting on a bench, smoking a cigarette at a bar in Dumbo. Some dude walks by and after he’s about 10 feet away from me, finds it extremely necessary to turn around and say “boy, you’re pretty.” I stand up and step in his direction, arms raised, “Why you gotta say that? Would you say … Continued

giddy up

These are the gold boots I was wearing on 8th avenue at 3:42pm when he said: “Girl I wanna be your Pony.”

Stop looking at me!

Ever feel like there are so many pairs of eyes just staring at you, undressing you? Yeah, that’s how I’ve been feeling lately. No catcalls, no comments, just stares. Up and down. Give me a break!