Month: November 2005

Bike Chase!

The other day, riding my bike through Chelsea, I was slowly riding through a crosswalk when one of the guys waiting to cross felt the need to tell me I had nice tits. I turned my bike right around and started riding towards him, and he took off running down the street as fast as … Continued

Woah-New Email Group!

Won’t you consider joining our mailing list by using the subscribe box on the right? Below is our clear no spam promise.* The group will broadcast: a super-cool Post of the Week inform you about upcoming HollaBack events, film screenings, and parties highlight other relevant happenings around NYC dealing with issues like street harassment. Why … Continued

Tales of a Female Gas Jockey 1

I used to work at a gas station. Being a female gas jockey is just a recipe for disaster, as I found out in my year-and-a-half on the job. I approach a truck to ask what the guy wants. He’s sitting there, sucking away at a lollipop. Guy looks kinda greasy, looks like trouble. But … Continued

Just As I Was About to Solve the AIDS Epidemic

Me: (walking down the street) Random guy standing on the corner: Nice lips. Me (scowling): What the fuck? RGSOTC: (nothing) What if I had been doing a very complex DNA computation in my head, because I was an AIDS researcher on the verge of discovering an amazing new wonderdrug, and as I was walking along … Continued

Aint it a kick in the Head…

through no fault (and certainly no preference) of my own, i’m busty. between the difficulty in finding clothes and the almost constant back pain, it’s a fact that’s hard to get around. however, concerned strangers seem to worry that i might forget, and for a moment define my sense of self from some other aspect … Continued

I was waiting for you to open your legs

I was on the F train going to Brooklyn. This man next to me was staring, like boring holes into the side of my face staring. So I got up and moved to another seat. He got up and moved to sit across the aisle from me, STARING. At this point I’m just ignoring him, … Continued

Actually, it is Personal.

So I was walking down the street in my Tribeca neighborhood, minding my own businees, listening to my ipod, pondering the beauty of this wonderful life and stuck in bewilderment as to why it was close to 70 degrees in November when I hear a faint “Hey.” I look around to see where the noise … Continued

Join Us with RSS!

Like what we’re doing? Well, posting is awesome, but now there’s another other great ways to become a part of team HollaBack! If you like HollaBack, feed this link into your RSS reader of choice. If you don’t know about RSS, that’s cool, too. Learn more here. You might just like it! Basically, RSS will … Continued

Jersey Boyz

Walking in Chelsea on Saturday night with my hollaback friend. This group of men in a stretch-limo SUV yell, in one voice, at the two blond women walking in front of us. As the women pass by silently, the dudes turntheir attention to us: “Let’s party! Wanna come to New Jersey? Come inand ride with … Continued