H&M: Harassment & Mediocre Clothes

I’m from England. When I came to visit NYC, I fell in love with it, but have never been so harassed in my life. Case in point…

My sister is shopping in H & M. (central Manhatten, middle of the day) I am bored of this so sit down on a chair by the main entrance. A shop assistant materialises and just stands there, staring at me and starts blowing kisses and licking his lips.

him: Hey beautiful
me: er… hey
him: Give me your phone number
me: excuse me, but do I know you?
him: I think you want to
me: No, I really don’t think I do (politest British accent)
him: Give me your number I want to call you
me: why would I do that?
him: because you’re gonna sleep with me tonight
me: Well I suggest you draw my face on your pillow and hump it cause that’s the only way it’s gonna happen. Now FUCK. OFF. before I shout for the store manager (in a much less polite tone, alarming nearby shoppers)

Seriously – who employed this guy!

Embarrassed he walks away, Such a shame I didn’t have my camera to hand!

written by Ruth, UK.

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