Month: November 2005

A Little More Than A Bad Day…

Last night was a strong competitor for the worst night of my life. I had a complete nervous breakdown, screaming at the top of my lungs, drunk, saying the most horrible things to someone I love very much. It culminated with me putting my foot through a wall and bashing my head as hard as … Continued

Tales of a Female Gas Jockey 2

I approach another guy, maybe middle-aged-ish, and say as I say to everyone, “Hey there, what can I grab for you?” And Mr. Eloquence says, “No, WHERE can you grab me?” written by Angela.


This happened a couple weeks ago in Milwaukee, WI. I was in the mood for a good book, so I hit the library. Little did I know that I would get hit on my not one, but two guys. I was walking down one aisle and noticed an older guy staring at me. Avoiding eye … Continued

I’m [not] a Crest kid!

I think that the Universe is trying to tell me something about my what my life’s work should be. All of this time I thought that it was something (ANYTHING) in the theatre, but now… So, TheGirlfriend and I are beginning our 12 hour drive back from North Carolina (Thanksgiving with my family) and we … Continued

P and Me Don’t Mix

I’m Naomi, not from NYC. It’s too bad.. I’ve got lots of stories of being harassed and really want to share it. I live in Indonesia, waaayyy far from NYC. But the street harassment here is just as bad. Depends where you walk/ pass. Still, it could happen anywhere anytime. I really wish I was … Continued

Shameless Creep

Well, this happened to me last year, but it still CREEPS me out to no end, when I think of it. When it happened, in the moment, I was in shock, and the creep-factor of it really didn’t settle in until I was driving home *ewww ewwww fucking YUCK* So, I had stopped to get … Continued

What a specimen

“Hey Females!” submitted by Lauren & Julie ( a few minutes before we met Mister Subway.)

H&M: Harassment & Mediocre Clothes

I’m from England. When I came to visit NYC, I fell in love with it, but have never been so harassed in my life. Case in point… My sister is shopping in H & M. (central Manhatten, middle of the day) I am bored of this so sit down on a chair by the main … Continued