Month: October 2005

Tales of a Female Gas Jockey 5

Another man, whose family was in the car, handed me half a bar of chocolate and told me to eat it. (Seriously, what the hell? And not even a whole bar?) I told him I didn’t think so. He proceeded to tell me to “shut up and take it, girl.” I threw his chocolate out … Continued

I Love To Eat Pussy, Too

Lauren writes: Okay it is 4am. I am sitting on the subway steps waiting for the uptown C. The D comes and this guy is running to catch it, he says, “You aren’t coming on?” I said, “Not on the D.” He walks back towards me, “Oh Sweetheart…I love to eat pussy.” I look him … Continued


These posts take the cake. All of them are painfully disgusting and occassionally they are comically absurd. Think there are a few posts that have wrongfully missed the cut? Let us know and we’ll see whether they deserve… THE HOLLA SHAME! I Wanna Lick You, No Chemicals! Nosey I Was Waiting For You To Open … Continued

Self-Defense Training Resources

The Center for Anti-Violence Education (formerly Brooklyn Women’s Martial Arts) offers a wide variety of anti-violence programming for women, men, LGBTQ individuals, teens, and survivors of violence. The Center offers self-defense and martial arts courses at reasonable rates, as well as FREE courses for survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse. For a … Continued

First Post!

Here’s the skinny–next time you’re out and about and some cocky ass on a power trip whistles, hoots, or hollas–Just Holla back! Whip out your digicam, cameraphone, 35mm, (or sketchpad), and email us the photo. We’ll post their ugly face for the whole world to see. If you can’t pull out a camera, or you … Continued


Welcome to the HollaFAQ We get a great deal of questions about our site. Listed here are the most common, and our HollaBack responses: Are you a bunch of crazed feminazis who hate men? OK, but what exactly is street harassment? So let’s say a man sees a woman he thinks is attractive and tells … Continued


Replacing sexism with racism is not a proper holla back. Due in part to prevalent stereotypes of men of color as sexual predators or predisposed to violence, HollaBackNYC asks that contributors do not discuss the race of harassers or include other racialized commentary. If you feel that race is important to your story, please make … Continued