Month: October 2005

Ain’t No Mommy

Trudging home from the subway I hear the words “beautiful mommy” murmered. I look up to find a man (the one on the left) not staring into my eyes but rather sneering at my tits. I felt like poo, and it took all my willpower to grab my camera and run down the street after … Continued


Help! Wikipedia does not have a full entry on Street Harassment–won’t you weigh in? If you don’t know how to use Wikipedia, there’s a helpful faq here, but it’s an organic encylopedia of information created by people like you. A good, solid entry is a great way to start awareness. And, of course, keep those … Continued

Village People

Strolling through the village we my friend and I passed the corner of Sullivan and West 3rd a couple times, each time noticing this dude’s nasty stare. As we made our way back to Bar V he said, “If you ladies keep walking by you’re gonna make me jealous!” Don’t be jealous dude, my dick … Continued


THANK YOU, everyone, for your thoughtful support of Holla Back NYC. After careful consideration of issues raised in the comments section and within the Holla Back collective, we have established posting guidelines to address, specifically, issues of sexuality, race, and class. In addition, we are establishing a new section with readings on the history of … Continued

Holla Back NYC Posting Guidelines

What Is Street Harassment? At Holla Back NYC, we believe that street harassment is defined by you. It can be anything that makes you feel uncomfortable including grunting, hooting, whistling, propositioning, grabbing, or just plain being a jerk. Harassers come in all different shapes and sizes, races and genders. What is street harassment to one … Continued

Research Project

Janine Samuel, a senior sociology student at NYU is “studying the effects of street harassment on women’s sense of control over their experiences in public spaces and their perceptions of their own bodies.” If you are female and between the age of 20 and 30 years old, and would like to participate in a New … Continued

New York Harassment Statute

PENAL LAWPART THREE. SPECIFIC OFFENSESTITLE N. OFFENSES AGAINST PUBLIC ORDER, PUBLIC SENSIBILITIES AND THE RIGHT TO PRIVACYARTICLE 240. OFFENSES AGAINST PUBLIC ORDER NY CLS Penal ß 240 ß 240.26. Harassment in the second degree A person is guilty of harassment in the second degree when, with intent to harass, annoy or alarm another person:1. He … Continued

Street Harassment: The Failure of the Law to Protect Women

Although compiled by HollabackNYC’s legal team, this page is an informational resource, not legal advice. If you are considering legal action, contact an attorney who specializes in harassment law and who can advise you on the particulars of your case. The law has historically failed to take seriously numerous issues affecting women’s lives, and street … Continued

Tales of a Female Gas Jockey 6

Finally, possibly the worst I can remember was the guy who, upon finding out that I wasn’t legal age, said, “Oh, I can’t talk to you, it’s illegal!” Since we were having a fairly interesting conversation, I said, “Well, it’s legal if you’re not hitting on me, and you weren’t, right?” (Until that point, we … Continued

Tales of a Female Gas Jockey 4

One middle-aged man (they are the WORST!) addressed me as, “Hey Tiger,” and then proceeded to vainly try to explain himself when I called him on it. I ended up walking off smirking, leaving him to pump his own gas (I hope he arrived at his destination all reeking of gas) and red in the … Continued