I Wanna Lick You, No Chemicals!

From Meg:

today while sitting beside the arch in washington square park, i happened upon this individual, who apparently had a lot to offer…

this included plenty of money, weeds (specifically in the blunt form), and the desire to lick me…or more accurately “to lick me thru without chemicals”…he was emphatic about this oral form of intimacy…proposing said “tongue bath” in a bakers dozen of scenarios…i should add that he was also no scrooge when it comes to the compliments…apparently i am fucking beautiful/sexy…in addition to the aforementioned, lickable…

that said, i am relatively certain that i would not be the sole muse for these attentions…so if any of this sounds particularly appealing (how could it not?) I suggest making your way down to good old nyu town… and waiting for the moola, cannabis, and saliva sesh to commence.


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