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What Is Street Harassment?

At Holla Back NYC, we believe that street harassment is defined by you. It can be anything that makes you feel uncomfortable including grunting, hooting, whistling, propositioning, grabbing, or just plain being a jerk. Harassers come in all different shapes and sizes, races and genders. What is street harassment to one person may not be to another.

We invite you to be creative and honest with how you define street harassment. While there is always the classic, “Hey baby, nice tits” there are so many other forms that go unnoted. If you feel like you have been harassed, HOLLA BACK! We’re the safe space you’ve been searching for.


Replacing sexism with racism is not a proper holla back.
Holla Back NYC asks that you refrain from referencing the race of your harasser or include other racialized commentary. If you feel that race is important to your story, please make sure its relevance is explained clearly and constructively in your post.

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Safety and Resistance

While everyone is vulnerable to stranger rape and sexual assault, studies show that women who are aware of their surroundings, walk with confidence and, if harassed, respond assertively, are less vulnerable. Nevertheless, direct confrontations with street harassers may prove extremely dangerous, particularly alone or in non-public or unpopulated spaces. While it is each individual’s right to decide when, how, and if to Holla Back, do keep issues of safety in mind. Upon deciding to photograph a harasser, you may consider doing so substantially after the initial encounter and from a distance, ensuring the harasser is unaware of your actions.

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2 responses to “Holla Back NYC Posting Guidelines

  1. As one of the folks who contributed to the discussion on race, I am writing to say that I am really impressed by the commitment to combating racism and other prejudices that this group has demonstrated. Recognizing the shared nature of our many struggles (against racism, against patriarchy, to name a few)is so important, and too often activists focus on their own single issue without considering the downright damage they may be doing to other groups. This is especially true of (traditionally white, traditionally upper/middle class)feminist projects. It is time we all unite and recognize that we can only fight the power by supporting each other. Holla back sistas!

  2. Word!

    Progressives spend so much time and effort bending over backwards to accomodate racists and other bigots for fear of being called “intolerant”, (a brilliant right-wing tactic). It is refrshing to see a down progressive site take a real stance against racism and heterosexism in the womens community instead of hiding behind a bunch of rhetoric justifying why they are promoting prejudice. A rarity, let’s hope it spreads.

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