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Cornell International Survey on Street Harassment

Hollaback! and Cornell University began a large-scale research survey on street harassment in 2014. The research was released in two parts: Part I reviewed data from the United States and Part II of the survey, a cross-cultural analysis of street harassment from 42 cities around the globe, was released in May 2015. There were over … Continued

Week In Our Shoes: Survey, Survey, Survey Edition!

Happy Friday Hollabacker’s! This week, the Hollaback! mothership attended the Emily May classroom at the Lower East Side Girls Prep and worked with fourth graders on a public art project.  Additionally, we received press hits from The Gothamist, Telesur, and NY City Lens. We are working to spread the word on two big awesome things, and … Continued

How to Create a Survey for Research

Survey research is a great way to collect data on street harassment and related issues. You can use survey results to create a research report or summary to share with supporters and stakeholders. Define the aim of your survey.  What key questions are you trying to answer? Example questions include: What is the emotional impact of … Continued

Survey for Survivors of Domestic Abuse

Across the nation, many cuts are being made to the services provided for women who have been in domestic violence situations. This study looks at the willingness of domestic violence survivors to seek help both from their family and from the government funded resources provided in their community (including shelters, support groups, and online help). … Continued

Take the street harassment survey!

We are partnering with a group called METRAC to do a survey on street harassment.  They are hoping to use the results to build an iPhone app in their hometown of Toronto, Canada. Help them out by taking the survey! We’ll share the results with you in December.

HOLLAback survey-style!

Louise Dreier, a graduate student at Columbia, is doing research on how street harassment affects how women use the city and how the built environment affects street harassment. Lord knows this field needs more research, and quick! She has agreed to share her findings with Hollaback readers. Help her out by taking her quick survey!

Male Allies Survey Results are In!

Thanks to all of our male allies who took the survey. The results are here. 95% of men thought that having a woman in their life tell them about street harassment was an effective form of education. 87% thought that messaging that indicated that women “they care about experience street harassment” was effective. 82% of … Continued

Take a Street Harassment Survey!

Reposted from Stop Street Harassment: Dr. Kimberly Fairchild is one of the few academics studying street harassment. Check out her article from 2008, written with Laurie A. Rudman: “Everyday stranger harassment and women’s self-objectification” in Social Justice Research, 21(3), 338-357. Her article is based on research she conducted at Rutgers University about street harassment and … Continued

Take the Street Harassment Survey!

One of the problems with street harassment is that it has been so rarely researched and written about. I recently had brunch with Holly Kearl, who is currently writing a book about street harassment. Rock on girl. Help her out by completing this quick online survey about street harassment: The more folks who take … Continued