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Rebecca’s Exciting, Subjective Thoughts on SlutWalk

BY REBECCA KATHERINE HIRSCH So, SlutWalk. A movement whose name makes me cringe. I joined SlutWalk for the same reason I join many things: Desire, fear, half-conscious longing for union. But let’s zone in on that FEAR. Fear of what? Fear of oneself? Well, yeah, sure, but what else? Fear of… Dudes. Yeah. Dudes. The … Continued

Dr. Vajayjay’s! Privatize Those Privates!

BY REBECCA KATHERINE HIRSCH Confused? Excited? Don’t worry. Dr. Vajayjay can fix that. The New View Campaign has put together a parody training video as part of its Vulvanomics activist event. In this video, we see an enterprising, unscrupulous, nominal doctor capitalizing on externally-created insecurities, sexualizing genital mutilation and effectively pathologizing female sexuality. His bumbling … Continued

Transphobia: The Unhappy Sister of Misogyny

BY REBECCA KATHERINE HIRSCH Libra, a New Zealand feminine hygiene company, recently pulled a tampon commercial off the airwaves (and Internet waves) when it received a spate of negative attention for its cis-sexist advertisement depicting “real women” and… the apparent alternative: trans women. It’s clear that the commercial is trafficking in stereotypes (“real” girl is … Continued

On Rape Humor: The Power of Allies

BY REBECCA KATHERINE HIRSCH Rape jokes may not be the WORST source of feminist-hand-wringing, they do have an awful lot of competition with all those pay gaps, rolled-back abortion and LGBT rights, not mention dehumanizing objectification and all that darned pernicious, underreported sexism of street harassment and inconspicuous misogyny cleverly disguised as family entertainment. But … Continued

A Rose By Any Other Name: Afghanistan’s Answer to SlutWalk

By Rebecca Katherine Hirsch On July 14 of this year, co-founder of Young Women for Change, Noorjahan Akbar and 25 others prepared to embark on a rare journey through the streets of Kabul: the organization’s first march against Street Harassment. Student Noorjahan wrote in her New York Times Opinion Pages blog: “Every woman I know, … Continued

Virginia Rometty Changes 100 Years of Male Dominated IBM

BY REBECCA KATHERINE HIRSCH In 100 years of IBM’s existence the company has never had a female CEO, until now, cue Virginia “Ginni” Rometty. As of January 2012 Rometty will step into the shoes of current CEO Sam Palmisano. The news comes hot on the heels of Meg Whitman’s appointment last month as CEO of … Continued

Miss Representation: A Movie I Can Get Behind

BY REBECCA KATHERINE HIRSCH A documentary on the dangers of relegating women to a very limited conception of “sexiness,” this movie aims to encourage women to aspire to power, and to their own sense of sexuality, as well as, reaching their intellectual and emotional capabilities! And it looks awesome! The music! The spunk! But as … Continued

Anita Hill and Hope for Humanity

By REBECCA KATHERINE HIRSCH 20 years ago this month College Professor Anita Hill took to the witness stand at the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas. Despite being accused of “flat-out perjury,” Hill courageously revealed to the world that whilst working under Thomas’, the Supreme Court nominee had not only pressured her for … Continued

Gender Myth-Busting to End Gender Oppression!

BY REBECCA KATHERINE HIRSCH It appears to me that much of the cultural devaluation of the “feminine” comes from the long-held myth that there is an intrinsic difference between the genders. Growing up, an easy label to attach to myself was “tomboy” because I was “like a boy” in that I did not like dresses … Continued

Looking-at-people-you-find-attractive etiquette

BY REBECCA KATHERINE HIRSCH Know that jaunty feeling when you’re walking down the street and see a fine-looking individual? Don’t punch them in the face. Because that’s what it feels like to be piercingly stared to the ground, whistled at, lip-smacked, pinched and bullied. I’ve been doing some thinking about that common street harassment excuse … Continued