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What is Hollaback all about?

Check out this two and a half minute video profiling our work.


Do you have an annual report?

Yes! It’s called the “State of the Streets” report.  Please review our State of the Streets reports from 201120122013, and 2014.


Why should I donate to Hollaback!? What have you guys accomplished so far?

In our first four years of operation, we’ve exceeded every goal we set for ourselves. Here is a taste of what we’ve accomplished:

  • Inspiring international leadership: Trained over 400 activists from over 82 cities around the world to localize Hollaback! to their community using the Hollaback! digital storytelling platform and on-the-ground resources. Our site leaders are young and diverse: 78% are under 30, 38% are LGBTQ and 29% are people of color. Activists receive comprehensive 3-month training prior to launch, and following launch, they receive ongoing training and technical assistance from our team.
  • Digital storytelling: Released free iPhone and Droid apps that provide a real time response to street harassment and illustrate the locations of the crimes on Hollaback’s publicly available harass-map. The apps resulted in over 7,000 reports of harassment.  Incidences are mapped and used to educate policymakers about the prevalence of harassment in their districts and inform research.
  • Engaging Elected Officials: Across the Hollaback! network, we meet with over 100 legislators per year to discuss community-based solutions to street harassment, including safety audits and workshop series. Our sites have collaborated with legislators to bring anti-harassment ads to the Philadelphia transportation system, pass a resolution against street harassment in the Scottish Parliament, release mobile apps that will make NYC the first city in the world to document street harassment in real-time, and present in front of the UN and EU Parliament.
  • Changing minds.  Globally, our site leaders have trained over 2,500 middle and high schools students in how to respond to and prevent street harassment.  To engage the broad public, we obtained over 1,200 press hits, 40,660 facebook fans, and 16,700 twitter followers.
  • Performing Research. Our site leaders have performed groundbreaking local research in over 25 cities. They use the research to demonstrate the prevalence of street harassment and to engage the community in solutions.
  • Winning International Campaigns: In March 2011, our site leader in Buenos Aires was threatened by a prominent journalist and professor who said he wanted to “break her asshole with his cock” in an article written for a major magazine. In response, we started a Spanish-language petition to request a public apology and that he be fired. The petition was signed by 3,500 people from 75 countries and led both Fiat and Lacoste to withdraw advertising from the magazine. The journalist was ultimately fired and the magazine issued a public apology.


I know a huge part of what you do is around changing the culture that makes street harassment OK, but how do you measure that?

There are many ways to measure it, but one of our favorites is searching the term “street harassment” in google trends. Some key organizational milestones can be mapped across this chart:
2006: Hollaback! goes from a blog to an international sensation when we went on Good Morning America and the Today show.
2008: Hollaback!, in coordination with local community groups, gets anti-harassment ads in the subways.
2010: Hollaback! transitions into a full scale nonprofit.

And we just keep going up, up, up!



If I fund you today, what will my money go towards? What are you guys planning for the next year?

Here are some key milestones for 2015:

  • In Depth Training for Schools to address street harassment.  The HOLLA 101 : Guide to Street Harassment for Educators and Students was published in 2014 and distributed to over 200 NYC schools. Following the guides release, we’re training teachers, counsellors, and administrators on how to respond to reports of street harassment, and we’re working in the schools to provide extensive workshops, safety audits, and assemblies to talk in depth about how middle and high school students experience harassment, and what they want to do about it.
  • HOLLA::Revolution, site leader retreat and public event. Our sites met for the first time in New York July 25-28th 2013 – where they gave short speeches at a public event attended by over 150 people, and then engaged in a three day retreat.  In 2014, we held our second annual conference, expanding the conversation and bringing in amazing local activists. In 2015, we’re holding HOLLA::Revolution in London and New York.
  • Launch and Train 75 new leaders from 25 new sites. We currently have a wait-list of people in over 70 cities interested in bringing this movement home. Each site we launch costs the organization $2,500 and includes a comprehensive 3-month on-line training, technical assistance, and resources.

And here are some things that we don’t currently have funding for, and would need your donations, introductions, and support to bring to life:


  • Work in schools: Over the next two years, Hollaback! aims to continue providing workshops and trainings to NYC educators and students. We will work alongside three NYC schools to measure impact and generate best-practices reports for NYC students facing harassment. With this increased training, we hope to provide a measurable change in school climate, increasing attendance and feelings of safety.
  • Updated apps: Hollaback! plans to update their free iPhone and Android apps to allow for faster reporting. Imagine reporting street harassment with a touch of a button and being able to share your data and personal maps with others! The app is scheduled to launch in Spring 2015.
  • Research with Cornell: Hollaback! is partnering with Cornell to create a large scale, global survey on street harassment that will allow us to compare street harassment across cultures.
  • Launch Online Harassment Bystander Platform: Recognizing that online harassment limits free speech, Hollaback! is creating a platform to encourage bystander intervention for online harassment. The platform is currently being built and tested.
  • POC Leadership Pipeline: As part of our site leader training series, Hollaback! will continue to offer a people of color leadership pipeline, including support groups, thought leadership sessions, and targeted webinars and trainings.
  • Vlog series: Stay tuned this year for Hollaback!’s “Love and Revolution” vlogging series. The series will cover topics such as : “street harassment 101,” “bystander activism” and “how to build a movement.” We can’t wait!


Have you won any awards for your work?


In 2013-2014:

In 2012:

  • Hollaback! received the TED City 2.0 prize for it’s app partnership with the New York City Government. They termed it “an idea on which our planet’s future depends;”
  • Hollaback! was a finalist in the Ashoka’s  “She Will Innovate” competition;
  • Hollaback! won the Manhattan Young Democrats “Engendering Progress” award;

In 2011:

  • Hollaback! was named a finalist in the Green Mountain Coffee “Revelation to Action” competition.

Our executive director has also won many awards for her leadership. In 2013, she was named one of “50 fearless minds changing the world” by the Daily Muse.  In 2012, she received five awards in 2012 including one of twelve women to watch in 2012 by the Daily Muse, one of 20 women “leading the way” by the Huffington Post, a “Hero Among Us” in People Magazine, an AOL “Next Maker,” and one of Jezebel’s “25 kick-ass and amazing women we love.  In 2011, May was named one of Women’s eNews “21 leaders for the 21st Century”, which was presented by Dan Rather, received the “40 under 40” award from the New Leadership Council, was selected as a Top 10 finalist for the “Young Nonprofit Leaders of the Year” Classy awards, and was named an Ashoka “ChangemakeHER” joining such social change makers as Melinda Gates and Fran Drescher.  Additionally, and to our utter delight, when feminist icon Gloria Steinem was asked, “What women today inspire you and make you feel that the movement continues?” Her response was, “Emily May of Hollaback! who has empowered women in the street, literally.”


Who else are you funded by?

We have a full list of foundation funders on our funding page. Seventy percent of our donations are from individuals just like you in amounts of $10 or less.


What is your budget, and how many staff do you have?

Our budget for fiscal year 2014-15 was $380,000. We have three full-time staff members and receive over $500,000 in in-kind donations per year.  For example, our graphic design is done by Kristen Meloche, and our copy writing by Dominique Osborne — all pro-bono. Our legal work is done pro-bono by the legal firm MOFO and Trust Law.  These pro-bono calculations don’t include the incredible work of all our site leaders internationally.  We estimate that if we calculated their volunteer work into our organizational budget our annual budget would top $5 million.


Other questions?

Contact Executive Director Emily May directly, at 347-889-5510 or via email at [email protected]


On behalf of the entire Hollaback team, we couldn’t be more grateful for your gift.

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