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Sarah’s Story: “Why would that stop me?”

Recently, I signed up to a dating website. I stated in my profile that I was looking for a woman; this is important, because it means that anyone who is not a woman looking for a woman would have a difficult time messaging me.

I received a lot of messages. One of them was from a male user. It started out pretty run-of-the-mill: asking if I’m interested in men as well, if I’d like to have sex with him, etc. It soon turned into me saying I’m not interested, but he persisted.

Generally, I could ignore something like that, even if it was uncomfortably sexual on his part. However, a few nights ago, he sent me a message that’s really just chilling. It includes the following lines (which refers to him forcing me to perform oral sex on him):
“Oh, I know you wouldn’t want to but why would that stop me” and “I’m hard just thinking about it actually”

Since then, I’ve reported his profile and told him in no uncertain terms that what he said is not okay. Alas, he doesn’t comprehend that and insists that I should “toughen up”. He tried to justify his disgusting messages by saying that my profile states I’m interested in Domination and submission – and it does, but only vaguely – so that means I must be interested in being forced to perform sexual acts. I would have blocked him, but there’s no way for me to do that from my phone, unfortunately.

I’ve sent a message to one of the admins of the site and I’m hoping that his profile is removed. I’m not sure how to deal with the larger implications of what he’s said, though, and his messages have left me deeply unsettled. 🙁

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HOLLA ON THE GO: in transit

A few weeks ago, a car full of men followed my car for 15 minutes in stop and go traffic. I didn’t think to snap a pic, so last night when the same thing happened, I got this. This car had 3 men in it with a woman driving. They stared at me while at a red light, then started screaming at me and holding up pictures of women in lingerie or less.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: One Less Customer

I have a cat and I’m pretty broke, so I was thrilled that Science Diet was giving out free samples near my office. Well, I was thrilled until I got there. The man giving out samples decided it was a good idea to call me “pretty eyes” as if that was my name. Igave him a disgusted look and he just said “Oh, it was only a compliment.” No, it f**king wasn’t! You, sir, are a stranger commenting on my appearance. It is unwelcome, objectifying, and it made me uncomfortable. At I know what NOT to buy.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Get Out Of My Way, Creeper!

I was at diavolos the other night and this guy came up and talked to a friend and I at the table we were at. He was super cool until my friends walked to the bar to get a drink. Then he started leaning in, asking me if I hook up. I said no. He tried to block me from leaving the area. I eventually pushed him out of the way and found my friends. What an asshole.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: “Dear guy, learn respect.”

Just a few weeks ago, I was at hess with some friends. A guy kept trying to talk to me and asked me to go home with him. I said no politely the first few times cause I was drunk and didn’t care but once he persisted and kept on it, I eventually left the area with my friends. We were standing right near Hess and George when the same group of guys that harassed us threw beer bottles up in the air and they fell almost near us. We left Hess right then.

Dear guy, learn respect.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Consent, dude. Figure it out.

I was walking down the street the other day and some guy whistles at me and tells me “oh, what I’d like to do to that ass”.

I told him to fuck off and he proceeded to call me a bitch. Why the fuck do people think its okay to call people a bitch when they don’t respond the way they are expected to. Why the fuck do people think its okay to comment on people’s bodies and say what kind of sexual activity they’d like to do. No consent is sexual assault, figure it out.

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Stephanie’s story: You deserve to feel safe at the bus stop.

Just sitting at the bus stop when someone yells at me and gives me a nasty shock, making me jump. I look up to see a young blonde guy with his head stuck out the passenger side of a black car with red P plates. He laughs at me while making eye contact and I hear male and female laughter from the car, the windows were tinted so I only saw the guy yelling. Didn’t catch the number plate or I’d call the cops on them for harrassment and too many passengers for Red P plates.

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Soph’s Story: Z-Block Bully

During student elections in 2011, an EPIC supporter tried to get me to vote for EPIC just outside the polling booth thingy in Z block. I said basically “lol fuck off”. He then yelled at me “why don’t YOU fuck off you fucking tranny faggot!”


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HOLLA ON THE GO: F*** you, douchecanoe

This evening, walking through the El Cortez casino in Las Vegas, NV, a man called out to me “smile! You ugly anyway” I replied “fuck you!”

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Go fall off a bridge, crude dude.

A man opened the door of his car while driving to cat call me. Shame he didn’t fall off the bridge.

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