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Ann’s story: spring day *marred*

I was in town for a conference and was walking back to the hotel by myself after lunch. I passed a man standing on the corner with a cardboard sign. He told me to have a nice day, so I said, “You, too,” to be polite. Then as I stood with my back to him while waiting for the light to change, he said, twice, “How about you and me meet up later.” And when I didn’t respond, he followed with, “You go, you never go back.”

It certainly could have been worse; he didn’t follow me, nor did I think he would. But it still marred my otherwise lovely spring afternoon and made me wonder what I could have said in response that would have made a difference in how he treats people in the future.

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Michael’s story: homophobic harassment

Hi. I waved and smiled to thank you for letting me pass your truck. As you drove by you casually called me a “fag”. Next time I’ll be sure to extinguish my cigarette in your eyeball! Coward. Hollaback!

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HOLLA ON THE GO: “hey sexy”

I was just coming home from a friend’s house, having had a great day, when this truck rolls by and some guy is hanging out the window yelling at me “hey, sexy!” I turned as he passed, and several yards up the road he still had his whole torso out the window, looking back at me. I flipped him off and he flipped back and shouted “Yeah, I won!” as though my “fuck you” was a real invitation. I was just trying to enjoy my walk.

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Lydia’s story: harassment then and now

Back in the early 2000’s when I was in secondary school I was very shy, quiet and known as the class “square” and one of the “popular” guys who I’ll call “M” especially made my life hell, he once announced loudly that one day if I was lucky, I might get raped, in assembly he once got all the classmates between him and I to pass on a message to me that he thought I was “hot” so I had to endure them all sniggering and laughing at me while he sat back full of smug pride.

He used to try and gear the teachers towards yelling at me for any tiny excuse he could find, once he stole my pe kit and made a show of sniffing the bag and refusing to return it. He started several pass-around surverys during classtimes titled “is Lydia the class prostitute?” and also “do u think Lydia wears thongs?”

During a school play when it was my turn to sing he wooped really loudly and made a growling sound which everyone laughed at. I refuse to believe it was from attraction, I feel it was because I was an easy target who would never dare to answer back.

I always look back on my secondary school time with strong bitter hatred and embarrassment, I don’t think I could ever forgive him for how he treated me.

I do feel however that my ordeal has made me into the stronger person I am today, now I always make a point of confronting my harassers and standing up for myself.

…I do just hope one day I might run into M, who for the record is now balding, pot bellied and very different from the athletic cocky “bad boy” who tormented me in school…. and give him a punch.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: walking out of the gym

Someone driving in a truck whistled at me as I was walking out of the gym. I yelled, “I didn’t need that” as they drove away. I immediately felt uncomfortable and unsafe.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: “No respect for women”

It’s happened several times in Old Town Pasadena. Mostly by men handing out advertisements, I’ve experienced such things as “damn those are some nice pants” and stare downs by several men. It’s severely embarrassing when there’s hundreds of others around you in this shopping area. The ridicules are obnoxious and I wish the verbal harassers who work in these stores would receive some kind of discipline or punishment for this slander. There’s no respect for women here.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Inappropriate Passerby

I was sitting outside when a guy I knew stopped by to chat with his girlfriend. A man was passing by and stopped and told my friend that his girlfriend was “hot” and that he was lucky. He said “damn!” then turned and looked me up and down and said “How YOU doing? and stared at me as he walked away. It was wholly inappropriate.

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K’s Story: Far From Home & Dodging Dodgy Fellas

I’m a university student studying abroad in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China.

It was 10am on a bright, sunny day. The street was empty except for me and another woman who was ahead of me and walking the same way. I was on my way to the airporter bus, so I had my luggage rolling behind me.

This creep walking the other way sees us coming. Despite the empty street and the sidewalk so wide you could park a bus in the width, he get’s that small, leery smile and sneering eyes as he squares his shoulders and intercepts out path. Both me and the other woman veer sharply out of the way. My suitcase, however, catches him in the ankle with the wheel.

Made me feel a bit better.

Another time, I was reading on my campus grounds at around 11pm. A really drunk guy comes up and starts asking if I have a boyfriend, where I’m from, if I spoke Chinese, etc. When I don’t understand some of what he says, he touches my crotch. When I go to walk away, he makes a grab for my boob.

It’s made me a little leery when random men sit next to me just to speak English.

I told my roommate this. She said that some men once came to her and told her that she should be cheaper because she was small. My other roommate had a 40-year-old-ish guy kiss her on the lips after she had been nice enough to give him directions someplace.

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Amanda’s Story: Power Surge

I was driving home from an errand with my younger sister in the car. A guy in a giant pickup truck that said “GDM Electric” cut me off, not once, but twice. The second time he did it, he nearly hit my car, so I honked my horn.
I was stuck behind him at the stoplight, and while the light was red, he got out of his truck and walked over to my car and started screaming at me, asking what the hell my problem was, etc. I just glared at him until he got back in his truck.
I wish that he’d been run over while he was walking on a busy street in traffic to threaten me and my sister–he deserved it.

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OkieRunner’s story: exercise in peace

I go running in my neighborhood several times a week. I used to run by this apartment complex until some guy started coming outside to watch me and whistle, yell, and generally be obnoxious. At first it was just whistling, but then he started catcalling and the next time I went by his friends were with him! I had to change up my route to avoid going near that complex. I’m always happy when I can get through my miles without getting honks, yells, whistles, and catcalls. This is a college town and it’s annoying to not be able to get my exercise in peace!

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