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Sarah’s Story: “I am tired of this”

Some creep kept hanging out in the gas station parking lot near my bus stop and asking me (repeatedly) if I (sweetie, baby) needed a ride. When he backed his car up from the exit; parked his car behind me; and walked by, he asked again. I said I was waiting for the bus. When he returned, he continued to just sit there watching me. I am tired of this when I am just trying to get to work.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Taking a run

The other day, I was taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and taking a run along my usual route. Three separate guys stared blatantly at my bare legs; one even saying “DAMN! Look at those thighs!” To his buddies. Ugh.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: “I dressed for me, not him!”

Man leans over as I walk past and says “mmm that’s what you want”. I dressed for me, not him!

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HOLLA ON THE GO: “I’m not your dog”

I was walking down a street to my friend’s house when I noticed a white car moving slowly behind me. A couple blocks later, the car pulled up next to me and a bunch of guys stuck they’re heads out and yelled things like “Hey girly” and “Where you goin’ baby”, some of them whistled, so I yelled “I’m not your dog!” And they drove away quickly, one of them yelling “Fuckin bitch!” As they drove away.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: “He got pissed when I said no”

I live in Maryland right outside of DC. When I was at the liquor store some guy told me several times how pretty I am, how much he liked my hair, etc. it was clear that he was drunk. He then proceeded to ask to come over and drink with me. He came close and started to touch my hair.

He got pissed when I said no and I eventually gave him a fake number to get him to leave me alone. The store owner had to step in when this guy started yelling. It was awful.

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Ligeia’s Story: Creepers uninvited

I was walking into a grocery store near a Starbucks with my friend (we were later gonna have coffee at Starbucks with my voice teacher), and these two guys pass me by, give me the elevator eyes and said, “Hey girl! Where’s the party at?”
I responded with, “In my pants, but you’re not invited.” And they shut up and left me alone.

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Kaeli’s Story: “He was usually such a nice guy”

I was in my Band class during a week of free days. During free days, we are allowed to do practically whatever we want in the class so long as we stay inside, obey school rules, and don’t bother the directors. Well, I was hanging out with some friends of mine. We were talking, enjoying ourselves, and being a typical group of high school girls. We saw a fellow student whom we knew looking confused and lonely by himself so we invited him to our group. He was a cute but kinda awkward guy who used to date a friend of ours. Well, over the course of the week, he became paticularly interested in me. He started off staring at my boobs (which I was used to from guys so I didn’t think anything of it). He slowly progressed to grabbing and fondling my boobs, touching my ass, and generally harassing me.

I never did anything about it or even called him out on it because he was usually such a nice guy, and he never did anything like this to his ex girlfriend so I assumed that it was fine and just me. At that time, I already was not comfortable with my figure because of the harassment I had heard about some of my friends and was trying to hide my figure. I did have other friends around at the time, but they didn’t do anything, probably because they had also been harassing me.

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Claire’s Story: Walking with her father

When I was 15 I was walking out of a movie theater with my father when a group of three slightly drunk men who looked to be in their early/mid twenties approached my father and asked if he had a light.

My father told them no and we began to walk away when one of the men shouted to my father to “tell your daughter hi, she’s welcome to join us- we’ll show her a good time!”

The group of men all laughed and made crude gestures. Thankfully, my father and I were already walking away at this point, and we did not encounter them again- although they threw one last “sweetheart” my way as we turned the corner.

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Kim’s Story: “I thought I was being paranoid”

I had gone to the store with my mom. As usual, I left her to get the things I needed when I realized this older man was always around me. I thought I was being paranoid about it since I get paranoid easily. However, as I was looking through the music section, he walks by really close and whispers “mm mm mmmm” to where I could hear.

I looked right at him and he looked me dead in the eyes and I ran away. I found some loose but sharp screws lying on a shelf so I put them between my knuckles in case he came near me again. He kept following me so I kept walking the other way. I’m not going back to that store for a long time.

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Justine’s Story: Creeper at the station

I was walking to the train station at lunch time when a man crossed the road toward me while I was waiting to cross the other way. He stood right next to me, trying to look down my top and talking on the phone about what he would like to do to ‘this girl’.

When I began to cross he yelled ‘look at that ass go’ and followed me for five minutes, stopping and starting so I wouldn’t think he followed me. I walked up some stairs and he touched my leg and I think he took a photo up my skirt.

Once I reached the train station he kept watching me for a few more minutes but I didn’t move so he eventually left. I was really scared and thought he might grab me or worse.

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