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Anne’s Story: “I didn’t deserve ANY of that”

This happened several years back, but unfortunately I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a beautiful summers day, about 2 pm – broad daylight. I had gone to the local bookstore to buy a book & then the corner store for a large fountain drink. At that point I started the mile or so walk back home.

About 1/2 way home a car full of idiots slows down & pulls along side me.

“what ya reading sexy?” I say nothing, keep walking.
“why you gotta be that way? I just want to know what you’re reading?” (um, cause it’s your business how?)
“Is it the Kama Sutra?” (um, no, not even close)
The creeps in the car are all clearly pleased with this “clever” guess.
“You don’t need no book for that, I’ll teach you mami!”
More hooting & hollering & one of them even (I kid you not) barks like a dog.
“1st thing I’d do is rip off that sundress & suck your tits”

Ok, I’m done, I turned around, darted behind the car, quickly crossed the street & started walking in the opposite direction hoping they’d just drive on.

No such luck, the car makes a U-turn & pulls alongside me again. “why you gotta leave, I’m just telling you about your book honey?” (WHAT!?!)
“yeah, he was just getting to the good parts”
& so on & so forth…. it was pretty vulgar & disgusting. I’m walking down the street & this car of assholes is literally stalking me & hurling filthy obscenities.

I still haven’t said anything at this point, but I am FURIOUS!!!! These 4 knuckle dragging pigs are having the time of their lives & NOT ONE OF THEM cared how I might have felt. I’m walking down the street minding my own business & I have to deal with this!?!

At that point something in me snapped. I took my fountain drink (which still had quite a bit in it) & threw it through the open car window as hard as I could. It hit the drivers side headrest hard, the lid came off & pop “exploded” everywhere.

It was a satisfying feeling UNTIL the string of profanities & threats came. For the 2nd time that day I turned directions & ran the other way. I heard a car door shut & assumed 1 of them had jumped out of the car. I was terrified, but as luck would have it a police car turned onto the street headed in my direction. The cops stopped & the car of creeps took off super quickly.

The cops didn’t really do anything about the guys, but they did make sure I got back ok, which I was grateful for.

To this day there are 3 things I don’t know.

1. Did someone somehow see what was happening & call the cops for me, which is why they turned down that street, or did I just luck out? I didn’t think to ask at the time & they didn’t say.

2. Why did the creeps just take off like that? W/4 of them they could have ganged up on me & said they just asked for directions & I “went Crazy” & threw the drink at them. But they didn’t. Did they know what they did was just that wrong? Or were there some sort of outstanding warrants or other reasons they didn’t want to deal with the cops?

3. What would have happened to me if the cops hadn’t of turned on that street?

The only thing I do know for sure is that I didn’t deserve ANY of that. Nobody has the right to talk to another person like that & make them feel as terrible as I did.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Harassed on the street

Je marche sur le bd Rochechouart entre Pigalle et la rue des martyrs, le long des magasins de musique. Il est midi ou 13h je ne sais plus, il fait beau, c’est septembre. Je suis en jean, basket, petit haut à fleurs. Soudain je sens le truc bizarre, le mec qui arrive en face me mate méchamment (au sens premier), mate mes seins de manière obscène et balance “salope” alors qu’on se croise. Comme ça.

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Grateful’s Story: “She saved a complete stranger”

I was on the tube when I noticed a man eyeing me up, he was attractive so I didn’t mind. I got off the tube and noticed him following me. Later I noticed him playing with himself from afar. I walked faster until I couldn’t see him anymore but not being familiar with the area meant that he had cornered me to say “stop teasing me.”

I heard a lady asking if I knew this man. I told her “no” and watched her expertly tell him to leave me alone and said she was not going to let him get away with this harassment and saw him run away with fear as she stood her ground.
Funnily enough I already knew of Ana Maddock. I knew she was well educated, had a career she kept private from her online life, she was friends with a semi-famous crowd. I already wanted to be like her before she saved me. She saved a complete stranger from being harassed and went on with her day to day life and I think that’s astonishing.

Thank you Ana Karina Maddock.
You did what I could only dream of doing.

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Felicity’s Story: “3rd party harassment”

Whistling harassment by staff in a coffee shop. 3rd party harassment.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Creepers outside my university

Two times waiting outside for my ride in front of my university a hey baby would you tap that and someone telling me to smile….both times I made an extremely angry face…but that’s it…

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Drive-by Harassment

My sister and I were walking to the store when some man in a pickup truck yelled at us “I want to eat your pussy” and wouldn’t stop when I yelled at him.

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Alison’s Story: Motorcycle Creeper

I was taking an hour-long walk and enjoying the long overdue sunshine. It was a really zen and beautiful moment for me. I got close to a hawk that was on a low branch on my college campus and thought about how much I love animals because they generally don’t bother people. I’d been honked at already by three male drivers I’d mistakenly made eye contact with. It startled me and made me angry every time.

I was halfway back to my apartment when a guy started revving up his motorcycle at the sight of me. I rolled my eyes while crossing the intersection and he yelled, “Tryin’ to get raped?!”

He continued yelling things at me until the light changed. Blood was rushing too loud in my ears for me or hear the rest. All I keep thinking is that I hope his fragile ego overtakes him and he dies in a wreck of his own causing.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: “We just want to workout in peace!!”

I go to a Fitness Center in Kanawha City and there are guys there who stare at us – leering, actually. Some are more aggressive and start talking to you. One freak who seems to be an nutrition salesman started flexing & telling me I should “brag on me, I look good for my age. I’m growing like a two year old!”

Women pay the same fees as the guys do – we just want to workout in peace!!

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HOLLA ON THE GO: 7Eleven Creeps

I was walking out of 7eleven when a male behind me said to his friend “I like that butt!” Several times, loud enough so I could hear until I gave eye contact. I got in my car but he kept staring and then finally got into his car. I wrote down his license plate but doubt I can really take any additional action. I felt sad and gross inside afterward.

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Sage’s Story: “Would she talk to a man in the same way?”

I’m new to Cincinnati, and I wanted to explore downtown because I heard so many good things about it. I ignored the expected “hey baby’s” and even the comment on my brown opaque stockings (WTF?).

As I walked by the downtown bus exchange, a woman (older than me) made a comment like “look at you in your fine hat.” The way she said it was remarkably suggestive, especially the way she said the word “fine”. At the time I just smiled awkwardly, feeling pretty uncomfortable.

Later I thought, Hold on, would she talk to a man in the same way? And if she did, how would he respond? I love my new hat, but now it seems…tarnished.

I don’t want people to walk down the street stony-faced, never acknowledging others around them. There’s nothing wrong with a nod or a smile as you walk by. But come on, people! What is the point of making other people feel uncomfortable on purpose?!?

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