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Shayna’s Story: “I’m sure it won’t be my last”

I’m 15 years old, and yesterday, I was at a mall with a few friends. All of them had to leave earlier than expected, and I was left alone at the mall while awaiting my parent’s arrival. As soon as they had left and I began walking toward the other end of the mall, I began noticing men leering and eyeing me up and down, then whispering and pointing to the guys next to them. I began walking quicker and crossed my arms, pulling my sweater closed over my chest. My first thought was to walk alongside the nearest women around me, but pretty soon they were gone. I crossed the road from one side of the mall to a Doughnut shop separate from the rest of the mall, trying to find a safe place to sit inside and wait until my family arrived. However, on my way inside, a car slowed down behind me and a bearded man in his mid 30’s wearing a beanie and t-shirt slowed down, whistled, and started calling out to me. I ignored him and ran inside.

This was the first time I’ve ever felt unsafe in a public place as a woman, and, unfortunately, I’m sure it won’t be my last.

When I shared this with my father, he told me that it might help if I changed my wardrobe. As if this was my fault.

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A local rapper yelling “I love you!” to every girl who walked past. This took place on Langdon.

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Laronda’s Story: Not Your Baby

I was walking home from Yogurt Jungle on Main Street when a car on the other side of the street pulls a U-turn and pulls up next to me. Dude looking like Hulk Hogan rolls down his window and leans over into passenger seat “Need a ride baby girl?” I pretended I didn’t hear him and walked faster. He started to go in reverse (on the busy Main Street mind you) to keep up with me. Traffic got faster causing him to have to go forward again.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Slut-shaming

I saw a girl called a slut for a low cut shirt.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Unacceptable

I was called a faggot in front of Randall Library at UNCW.

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I was walking down chancellors walk late in the evening after picking up subway and a guy, surrounded by his friends, yelled “I’d like to give you my footlong!”

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Desbonnez’s Story: Creeper in the window

saturday 17 march 2014

A man came to me and proposed to me a bag of candy. He had a  scary face. I didn’t accept it because the man was strange . I walked and he follow me but I went into a coffee shop and ordered a drink and saw the man in the window

I was very afraid to be in the street alone at night.

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Antoine’s Story: Creeps in the early morning

Last week in the early morning, as I’m walking in the street, two men were passing by on the opposite pavement. One of them asked me “Hey cousin, do you have any lighter?” I just answered that I did not when this one started to insult my mum and cross the road nervously to beat me up!

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Kelly’s Story: “Enough is enough”

I was walking back to my office from the deli after picking up my lunch when some cretin walked by me in the opposite direction, leered and me and yelled, “Me love you long time.” (Obviously a racist and sexually harassing comment which also indicates that he watches way too much pornography objectifying Asian women).
He was wearing a red sweatshirt that had a Business logo on the back, which indicates that he is part of a local crew here. (He should have thrown himself out with the garbage).
I was going to turn around and follow him to take photos but then I realized I had left my phone in my office. I really wish I had my phone on me to take photos because I would have gotten him reprimanded or fired from his job.

And last week, I had two incidents. One guy yelled, “Wow, I never seen a Chinese girl looking like that!”

And another yelled, “Hi China! Shake that thang!”

Not enough people take action on this type of despicable behavior, which is why it persists. Enough is enough.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: All within 9 minutes

Standing at bus corner in St. Louis, MO. Old man walked by me and said “damn you fine”, then passed behind me while I was waiting to see my butt. School bus driver passed by, honked, and stared while pointing at me. All within 9 minute wait for the bus. I was not wearing anything revealing. Often I get harassed while at bus stops no matter what I wear.

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